About Us


We are a specialty market sourcing exceptional, high-quality natural wellness products and making them more accessible to people in Astoria, Queens, NYC, and beyond! We understand how a busy lifestyle can often push health and wellness to the back burner, but we're here to help people reclaim their power and be their best selves.

We carry a variety of functional foods, alternative medicines, and other health-conscious lifestyle products. 

 We pay mind to our suppliers’ integrity, practices, product quality, and pricing to bring forward the most valuable products. All of our suppliers are highly-conscious companies that are contributing to the wellness of Earth and its inhabitants. We aim to make high quality alternative health and wellness products accessible to a great range of people while providing education on these precious products. 

We believe that Your Health Is Your Wealth and that being rich requires nourishing the Mind & the Body!

  Family Owned & Operated. Welcome to our market.


All products contain less than .3% THC.